To All Women Who Struggle To Reach Orgasms During Intercourse...

Could It Be Really This Easy To
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Important Letter You'll Ever Read

By Jessica Perez

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer...

Ask Yourself These Questions...
1 Are you a woman over 25, in a sexual relationship, but never reached an orgasm during intercourse?
2 Do you consistently have orgasms through masturbation...but fail to achieve orgasm through sex?
3 Have you ever tried to make yourself orgasm during intercourse...and seemingly tried everything including oral, fingers, different positions...but failed...and just couldn't figure out why?
4 Has your boyfriend or husband ever asked you "why" you can't climax...even though he's doing everything in his power to make you reach that point...but you're clueless on why you can't orgasm with him?
5 Do you ever sense that he feels discouraged when you want to make love because he knows you won't have an matter what he does?
6 Are you in a sexually active relationship, but just can't orgasm?
7 Do you ever come to the point where you feel as though you will explode and orgasm during sex...but I just can't get over that point?
8 Do you ever sometimes feel like you would rather go out to dinner than spend the night having sex...simply because you know you will get the pleasure of eating a delicious meal...while knowing that you won't have an orgasm during sex?
9 Has your partner ever tried to give you an orgasm through intercourse...and instead of seeing sexual bliss on his see that he's trying as hard as he can...huffing and puffing with sweat dripping down his chin...trying to hold out as long as he can so that you have a chance of reaching an orgasm...but despite his don't feel a thing?
10 Have you ever faked an orgasm because it was taking too long, you weren't feeling anything, too painful...and just wanted to get it over with so you can fall asleep?
11 Do you ever feel like it's hopeless that you'll ever have an orgasm during the point that you want to give up?
12 Have you ever got a sense of disappointment from your partner after he has tried so hard to give you an orgasm, but failed?
13 Do you ever feel like there is something wrong with you because you can't have an orgasm during intercourse?
14 Have you ever felt disappointed after your man had an orgasm, he rolled away to the side and fell asleep...while you were left alone on your side of the bed...without having your turn to experience a sexual release?
15 Has your boyfriend or husband ever make you feel guilty if you don't want sex...but he still pressures you for sexual favors and demands unreciprocated blow jobs?
16 Do you somehow feel obligated to "please him" even though you're not sexually satisfied?
17 Do you ever suspect your boyfriend or husband has ever cheated on you because he's not getting the sex he's demanding from you?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you...

The news is that you are NOT alone...but no matter how hopeless you think your situation can climax during sex (if you know what you're doing).

In fact, the list of questions was created from the experiences of hundreds of women about the problems they were facing in their sex lives...including me (more on that later).

It's a fact:

Most Women Have Difficulty
Reaching Orgasm Through Sex....

Nearly all women have had the experience of trying to reach orgasm through intercourse...trying out many tips and techniques with their partners...failing time and time again...with no orgasm in sight...only to feel like giving up and accepting that "that's how women are".

And what's worse...because sex is not exciting or pleasurable to you, and your orgasms takes too much becomes a chore and you don't feel like "doing it" anymore...however, your partner still feels like having sex...and sometimes - out of sexual frustration - he has to resort to pressure you to give him release...and maybe make you feel guilty for not wanting sex as much as he does...and you can feel its STRAINING YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

You may or may not know this already, but your inability to achieving orgasm during can ruin your relationship and your self-esteem.

This type of situation makes it easy to feel pessimistic towards having a sex life in general...and can definitely lead you to believe that ALL MEN are sexually-selfish...and there's some problem with you because you can't reach orgasm consistently during sex...if at all.

But is this the REAL truth?

Are YOU really destined to never reach orgasm during sex and have an exciting, passionate sex life with your long-term partner?

Is there any hope?

The Secret To Reaching An Orgasm During Sex…

The main problem here, and the thing that is standing in your way, is that the female orgasm itself isn’t easy to understand.  And if you’re lucky enough to reach an orgasm during sex, it takes too long, and you find it hard to climax every time you make love.

And how do I know this?

Because I have struggled with reaching orgasm during intercourse…just like you.

My Story

I've never met you before, but I bet that I'm a lot like you.

Like many other women, I could almost always reach orgasms through masturbation, but it used to be impossible for me to climax during intercourse...and this affected my relationship with my man.

Don't get me the beginning it was great. Exciting, full of animalistic sexual energy...but over time, the passion died down. He wanted it (and still does) ALL THE TIME...

But not me.

Why? Well, it's simply because I could never reach orgasm with him. Sex became more of an act to satisfy HIS needs...and after a while, I felt it wasn't fair, and I didn't feel like it anymore.

And...when we did have sex, my mind was on something else. Work, bills, what I should watch on TV...

Sound familiar?

I thought there was something wrong with me...

The worst part is, because my sex life just sucked, (and I hate to admit this, but for the sake of honesty, I feel I should)...

I Had An Urge To Cheat On My Man.

I love him very much and know it was wrong to feel this way, but I couldn't control the urge. I just wanted to have sex that included ME reaching climax. It's natural to feel this way...we all do. But I wanted to experience orgasm with MY man.

Something had to be done about this, so just like everyone else who has a health problem, I went to the doctor asking for some advice.

I was desperate for a cure for my lack of orgasm during sex. It's been straining my relationship and making me depressed...but when I asked the doctor for his advice, I was shocked...

I was diagnosed with "Female Sexual Dysfunction" and was prompty prescribed medication.

This was weird, because I could always masturbate to orgasms...yet, I was labelled as having a DYSFUNCTION and given DRUGS to fix it.

Something smelled fishy...then it hit me:

I Was Being Scammed By My Very Own Doctor!

See, this is how it works:

  • Doctors make money precribing medication to patients...patients who have a problem they want fixed
  • Multi-billion dollar pharmacutical companies make money from selling drugs that are designed to fix the problem
  • Doctors and drug companies MADE money from selling Viagara to impotent who have a problem having sex because they can't get an erection...and now
  • They want to make money from WOMEN who have a problem reaching orgasms during sex by producing and selling prescribing some form of FEMALE VIAGARA!

It all makes sense: There's more money to be made by greedy pharmacutical companies and doctors by prescribing drugs. And yes, in many cases, medication is the answer...

But when it comes to reaching orgasms, there are natural, less expensive and less dangerous solutions.

How do I know? Simple...I could masturbate to orgasm all by myself.

And what I needed to figure out was the secret to getting me over that hill...the point where you're feeling wonderful during intercourse...but you just can't make it to the finish line (and climax).

DRUGS was NOT the answer, so I went back to the drawing board (actually, my bedroom) and went to work to figure out how to orgasm DURING SEX.

I’ve tried everything…I understand how the female orgasm ACTUALLY works, and discovered a method that can allow a woman to reach orgasm during sex…quickly…easily…and every time you make love.

After years and years of struggling to reach orgasm during sex and hearing about the same problems from my female friends, I decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…

Here's what I've discovered:

The 3 Deadly Mistakes Women and Men Make During Sex That Kill Their Chances of Ever Reaching An Orgasm…

Through my research and personal experience, I've found that these 3 mistakes are responsible for the inability to reach orgasm during sex than any other factors. Here they are:

>> Mistake #1: Focusing on Long Penetrative Sex To Achieve An Orgasm

Long, drawn out lovemaking sessions can be great in any relationship, but more often than not, it's impractical, takes too much time and too much damn work.

He has to try and "last" all night and hold himself back from ejaculating during sex. He'll try to distract himself until you're at the point where you're ready to orgasm. After all the preparation and hours of finally climax.

At least that's the ideal situation here...

But more often than not, you have probably:

  • felt it was not worth going through all that effort just to climax
  • the extended periods of thrusting in and out lead to the very least, other words....After Continual Thrusting During Sex, You Feel Nothing!
  • faked YOUR orgasm just so that take-too-long, feel-no-pleasure sex can finally come to an end.

Sometimes, men blame themselves because she doesn't experience an orgasm from sex.

They tend to think "I only I had a bigger penis, maybe she could climax. I guess I'm not man enough".

But it isn't their fault.

The problem is a lack of proper sexual education that result in a poor understanding about female anatomy, sexual response...but I'll reveal to you why women can't have orgasms from sex:

When it comes to orgasms and sexual pleasure, men have penises while women have...(guess)

If you guessed "vagina", you're wrong. You see, women have been blessed (or cursed) with a small but super-sensitive "magic button". You might know it as the CLITORIS.

I'll keep this short, but basically the clitoris is a little bit similar to a man's penis....but the main difference is that a woman's clitoris doesn't perform "other functions" like pee or ejaculate. So the only reason why you have a clitoris in the first place is for pure sexual pleasure...leading to ORGASMS.

Take a look at the comparison below to see what I mean:

  #Nerves Function
Penis 4000
  • Urinating
  • Ejaculating
Vagina 4000
  • Accepting the penis and sperm during sex
  • Lubrication
  • Giving Birth
Clitoris 8000!
  • No other functions other than to experience sexual pleasure

What's more, when it comes to sensitivity, the clitoris beats the penis hands down.

It's not even close.

In such a tiny area, your clitoris has around 8000 pleasure-producing "nerve-fibers". The more "nerve-fibers" the more sensitive to touch to your body is. There's a bigger concentration of these nerve fibers in the clitoris than your fingertips, lips, tongue, or anywhere else on your body. In a nutshell, your clitoris is the most SENSITIVE PART OF YOUR BODY!

Most importantly, it has TWICE the number of nerve fibers compared to a man's penis...meaning...


The clitoris is EXTREMELY sensitive to touch. In fact some women cannot touch their clitoris directly because they "feel too much".

(And to think..."sensitive" men with a penis containing HALF the nerve fibers of the clitoris in a woman experience pre-mature would think that women, like you and me, with 2x the orgasm-inducing nerve fibers compared to a man would actually climax faster than a man...)

Compare this with the vagina. Inside, there is nowhere near as many nerve endings compared to the clitoris. Personally, I don't feel much at all inside my vagina.

Now, consider this: When women have sex with a man, most women cannot feel much pleasure from deep thrusting of the penis. And since the super-sensitive "magic button" is located OUTSIDE the vagina, traditional sex makes it hard (and impossible for some women) to experience an orgasm from penetrative sex.

Fact of the matter is, "regular sex" makes it impossible to stimulate the clitoris.

Think about this for a moment: doesn't it sound ridiculous to expect an orgasm from sex, if your "orgasm producing" button is barely being pushed? (and you can probably understand that a man has no problems reaching orgasm...he's thrusting his own "orgasm button" inside you and feeling good at the same time)

What most people don't know is that all female sexual pleasure is connected with the clitoris.

There is a way to orgasm from penetrative sex (with the right positions), but before I get to that, you should understand mistake #2:

>>Mistake #2 : Relying On A Man To Give YOU An Orgasm

This is probably going to be controversial. But read this and give it some thought:

Society has the common view that a man should GIVE a woman an orgasm. It's no surprise that this is a standard belief. Men are supposed be the "gentleman" and pay for dinners, open doors, "take care" of their woman while a woman is...well, left in a more passive role.

Even our anatomy hints that men should be "giving" it to women. The man is the "giver" because he has a penis, and the woman is the "receiver" because she has a vagina.

And to top it off, there are many books (good and bad), magazine articles, and other forms of media instructing men on how to become better lovers, and GIVE their woman an orgasm. While there is nothing wrong with being a man who is "great" at sex, it takes a man who is dedicated to improving his skills in bed and become a better lover for you....however, this is simply not the case with most couples.

So, with all this pressure, he's programmed to think that he is responsible for giving you an orgasm.

I don't know about you, but that just sounds like a HUGE burden on his shoulders to be the "giver" of female orgasms.

With all this PRESSURE on him to give you an orgasm, combined with a lack of sexual education and experience, how do you think he'll feel after he FAILS time and time again to give you an orgasm?

How do you feel after seeing that he can't GIVE you an orgasm? How do you feel about yourself?

I can't speak for my partner, but if you're like me, you might have felt that maybe he just isn't good in bed. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I resented the fact that my past lover couldn't give me an orgasm.

At the same time, I felt there was something wrong with me. He looked like he put in a monstrous amount of effort in trying to give me an orgasm...only for BOTH of us to end up sweaty, exhausted, sore, and wanting to stop instead of reaching an orgasm (yes, he wanted to STOP instead of climaxing himself...he was so worn out he couldn't even get up anymore).

...But before I show you how to do that, let's talk about mistake #3:

>>Mistake #3 : Thinking That Something MIGHT Be Wrong With You If You Can't Orgasm

This is the big mistake I made.

What I realized by thinking that something might be wrong with me for not climaxing during that I slowly started to believe it.

It became a self-fulfilling prophecy that has been destructive to my relationship, my self-esteem, and...had I not declined the prescription health.

Listen, I know it's easy to think this's easy to feel down and depressed if you try something and it doesn't work, like orgasming through sex.

And it's not your fault...we as women aren't taught how to climax during sex...but, as you can see from the chart in mistake #1...we SHOULD be able to reach climax just as fast...if not, FASTER than men!

Good news is...reaching orgasm quickly and consistently is easy...if you know how to do it.

And just think...with these 3 common mistakes that most women make, it's no wonder women have a hard time reaching orgasm. And it's no wonder that women who have difficulties reaching orgasm may be labelled as having "female sexual dysfuction" and then prescribed some sort of drug to cure it.

And you know what? The pharmacutical companies are the worst of all. They represent the lowest common denominator of those helping women with their orgasm problems. Anyone who believes that they can take a pill (or get an G-Shot injection or vaginal surgery) without risking some serious long term side effects is making a HUGE mistake.

And...any prescription, injections or surgeries claiming to cure your so-called Female Sexual Dysfunction and give you orgasms is wasting your time and money.

It's a mess out of women are desperately struggling to get some sort of pleasure from having sex with the one they love most...and all they get from their hard earned money is junk.

It's just not fair.

You also know that, if your sex life is miserable, everything else in your life can suffer horribly. Relationship problems, communication issues, urges to cheat (for both men AND women)...

Fortunately, this is the 21st century and finally women don't have to apologize anymore for wanting better sex.But what most of us desperately need is information and advice...we can guide us through all the Female Sexual Dysfunction propoganda out there.

That's why I have created an amazing new manual revealing the sexual secrets to reaching female orgasm during sex you could never find somewhere else. This new book teaches you how to jump start your sex life overnight...and...

Experience Faster, Quicker & More Consistent Female Orgasms Each & Every Time You Make Love!

Here Are Some Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside My “Faster Female Orgasms” Manual

  • How to reach orgasm every time…even if you’re not “in the mood”
  • Fast, same-time orgasms: Why fast sex deepens intimacy, sweetens passion & turns your orgasms into roargasms
  • A sneaky sex move that can make you orgasm, guaranteed! (It doesn't matter if you and your husband or boyfriend are burnt-out, tired, and don’t have time for "normal sex…you will throb with pleasure by simply doing this
  • An orgasm is GUARANTEED if you know this…but if you don’t know, you can say goodbye to any chances of experiencing fast, consistent orgasms whenever you want
  • How to make yourself reach orgasm in 5 minutes (or less)
  • How to reach orgasm when you want, however you want, and with whoever you want.
  • A controversial, forbidden yet effective…and you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out.  In fact this is undetectable..even by your lover
  • What the “Female Orgasm Fallacy” is…and how falling for it can keep you in a no-orgasm relationship.  (if you already can’t orgasm from sex, you’ve probably fallen for it already – here’s how to get out)
  • Why you should never have sex in the missionary position…and what you should do instead!
  • What you should do in the way you move your hips that can dramatically increase pleasure for the both of you
  • How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of reaching orgasm during sex
  • Never get yourself caught in this sex position it if you want to reach orgasm fast!
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  • How to make sure your boyfriend or husband doesn’t kill your climax! If you ever had sex and felt like you were about to climax...but all of a sudden, the feeling is gone because something he know what I mean
  • 5 deadly mistakes most women make when they’re struggling to reach climax during sex…and how to avoid them

  • Advice many so-called “sex experts” give that is absolutely wrong!
  • How to reignite your sex the simple trick you can do if the sex life with your partner is less exciting than before
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  • ...And much, much, more...

My goal in writing this eBook was to help make life better for you...whether you want to orgasm for the first time, climax more quickly during sex, or spark the sex life you have with the one you love...

Let's Wrap This Up

The information in this eBook will save you years of time, heartaches and wasted energy. Most women go through their entire lives never learning how to reach orgasm during sex...and...getting what they truly want from their relationships. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Will it work for everybody?

Of course not.

But let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you reach just ONE orgasm during sex with your boyfriend or husband? Just ONE.

Or what if it helped you turn around a boring, painful or non-existant sex life with the man you've been with for years?

What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if there's even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to orgasm during sex, make you want sex more often...and...make him want to be with you forever? What if you really can learn how to orgasm at the same time as your lover...achieve a mutual orgasm you've always wanted and finally experience that loving, passionate relationship you deserve?

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most people I know, it would be priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of special once-in-a-lifetime sex would be worth the investment.

I know that when that time comes for you, you'll look back on this moment and be glad you made this investment in yourself.

This much is for sure: Sometime in your life you'll feel like you're just about to climax while making love to your man. Maybe you've already felt this...and he already can tell you're just about to scream...

The question is, do you know exactly what to do to push your feelings and emotions over the top...and finally orgasm? Or are you going to ride this pleasure-plateau...never hitting the climax...and never know how you will feel...and how he will feel...

Do you want to even consider the chance that you'll be sexually frustrated and heartbroken again and again... and never get the help and answers you need. Or do you want to get this area of your life IN CONTROL and learn what works - so you can make the most of your time, energy, and your heart?

I have one final thought to share with you.

After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there's a very very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future... and a very good chance you'll be stuck in the same "anti-climatic" sex cycle forever...

Because I want as many women as possible to benefit from the insights contained in this book, I've decided to price it at just $47.

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Climax or Your Money Back Guarantee

If you've been struggling with your orgasms for years and still haven't found a solution...I want you to get started as soon as possible and finally enjoy intercourse with consistent orgasms.

But I know the internet can be a strange place for some, and sometimes it's hard to trust someone who you haven't met face to face. And with the way the economy is going these days, we all have to be extra careful with how we spend our money.

Thats why, going against the advice some people gave me, I'm going to help you out and put any risks on my shoulders with my unconditional 60-day "Climax or Your Money Back" guarantee.

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I know what it feels like to watch as your relationship fizzle out and fall apart...I know what it feels like when your boyfriend or husband nudges you for sex, and you don't want it because you know you're just going to be staring at the ceiling trying to "be productive to pass the time" until it's finally over.

And I don't want this to be you. I'm sure this is not what you, or any other woman wants in their relationship either. I'm definately sure this is not what boyfriends and husbands want their women to feel either.

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Why? There's 2 reasons:

I don't know about you, but I've NEVER seen any other book, video, creams, toys, or any other product give a 100% money back guarantee IF it doesn't end up giving you an orgasm (at the same time, letting you keep the product too!) I've also never seen any sex therapist, doctor, or surgeon offer patients their hard-earned money back if they don't get the results they want.

So what I've decided to do for you with my "Reach Climax or Your Money Back" guarantee has never been done before.

(Maybe there is a reason why they can't offer such a crazy I think I'll need to talk to a lawyer to make sure my "Reach Climax or Your Money Back" is even legal. But if you're reading this now, that means the "Reach Climax or Your Money Back" guarantee is still valid...for now).

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