What About Coregasms: Climax During a Gym Work Out?

by Jessica on

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I’ve heard of women climaxing after spending a few minutes on horseback, women cumming while walking (and wearing tight jeans) and women who just climax out of nowhere (permanent sexual arousal syndrome), and today, I came across “coregasms”, a word coined to describe the phenomenon of cumming during a workout… yes, inside the gym, with people around and even with a personal trainer looking on.

ABC News says, “Crunches, hanging leg raises and other moves that tense and relax muscles surrounding the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles seem to be the best triggers for coregasms…In addition, the pleasure hormones — endorphin and dopamine — that are released during exercise may contribute to coregasms.”

Whether it’s the combination of the pelvic muscular contractions during exercise, or the thought that the woman is doing something good to her body, the theory of “coregasm” is something that will definitely encourage women to work out some more! I wonder why most gyms don’t use this coregasm theory as a selling point. It might just quadruple their gym membership sign ups overnight. I can think of a sales pitch right now… “Our gym membership combines exercises that will not only shape your body, but will also make you cum”. All the more reason to start your fitness program now eh?


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Beleza33No Gravatar March 12, 2009 at 1:46 am

Oh my. As much as exercising is a chore to me, I couldn’t imagine having one of these at the gym.


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