The No-Touch Orgasm?!?

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I pride myself in the fact that I’m ‘in touch’ with my sexuality. In fact, I even participate in a few sex discussions online here and there. And every time I do, I almost always get to chat or discuss with women that are almost at their wits end because they have NEVER reached an orgasm.

Women’s magazines today abound with advice columns that are full of claims on how you can keep things interesting in the bedroom. However, only a few discuss what I call ‘the no-touch orgasm’. But believe me, they exist and are extremely mind-blowing to have! They first time I tried it, it required almost a 50 minutes of non-stop titillation without touch. As time went by, me and my lover got so into it that we can both reach our climaxes in 20 minutes flat (sometimes sooner!).

And yes, I do consider it to be one of my sexual achievements: being able to bring MYSELF to an orgasmic state by the sheer power of my horny mind! Well, that and the fact that my partner was there to egg me on (without touching me of course).

So how do you go about it? Following are a few tips on how you and your lover can try a no-touch climax tonight.

  • First, find out and understand the fantasies that can send you and your partner over the edge.
  • The erotic storytelling and/or talking is going to get your throat dry so have a beverage before you begin or have one nearby.
  • Use the kind of language you are both comfortable with. Some prefer ‘kinder’ words like caress and pussy, and those words said in a sensual and romantic tone. Others, on the other hand, are more turned on by harsh words like fuck and bitch. Others still may prefer a combination of the two with the tone varying with the story. Discover your own sexual lingo and experiment with it.
  • Prior to starting, set the general ‘adult story’ idea. It is quite easy for your man to get distracted when he sees you getting close to an orgasm. So be sure to agree in advance that there should really be no touching whatsoever at any time (even if you beg for it!).
  • Make sure you pay attention to each other’s reactions. If you notice that a particular ’scene’ that’s really arousing your lover, draw that scene out!

By now you may have realized that a touchless orgasm is in fact the premise of ‘phone sex’. That is, you talk about x-rated stuff with your lover with the goal of reaching a climax. This one has a twist though, you DO get to see each other only not be able to touch.

Try it to night and see how it goes!


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