Female Masturbation And The Clitoris

by Jessica on January 7, 2010

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Masturbation is a good and healthy part of any female’s physiology, emotional and physical sexuality. Feeling her body and how her body reacts is a pleasurable learning experience for her and it will help her with orgasms later during sex.

Most women masturbate on somewhat of a regular basis but there are very few that are willing to discuss it openly.

There is still a stigma about masturbating that can make a woman feel dirty, or cross-wired, like there is something wrong should she feel the need or desire to masturbate. Shame can overtake her even during the act and ruin the time she should be enjoying.

This should be her time to enjoy herself and her body.

There are many wonderful feelings her body can impart upon her and half of the fun of it is the exploration for those feelings.

Getting warmed up is important, caressing softly near and around the clitoris will begin to start the stimulation, moving to the hood and caressing it gently will transmit part of the feeling directly to the clitoris and raise the passion even further.

Once you are fully warmed up, moving softly to the clitoris is next. Massaging it lightly between two fingers in a consistent manner can produce a satisfying orgasm pretty easily. Don’t feel ashamed, there’s no need to, it’s good for you and it feels good, just do it and enjoy it.


The Clitoris During Intercourse

by Jessica on January 4, 2010

The way the clitoris reacts during intercourse has a great deal to do with how it was treated before intercourse started. If intercourse began without any prior stimulation to the clitoris, it will probably stay completely dormant during the whole action.

Generally the action of intercourse doesn’t bring any part of the man’s body well enough in contact with the clitoris that it creates enough stimulation to get anything more than mild interest.

In order for the clitoris to be an active participant in the intercourse, there needs to be a good bit of foreplay.

Gentle foreplay will cause the clitoris to engorge with blood and become much more sensitive.

With a very heightened amount of sensitivity, coupled with the retraction of the hood and the swollen nature of the clitoris itself after foreplay will ensure better contact with the man’s body and more possibility of enough stimulation to produce a build up of passion leading to a satisfying orgasm for the woman.

  • In order to engage the clitoris, it is a good idea to start with caressing of the woman’s other sensitive skin, such as her back, bottom, abdomen, thighs and breasts.
  • Caressing these areas will begin the stimulation of the clitoris.
  • Following this stimulation, it is a good idea to move to the hood of the clitoris before moving to the clitoris itself.

Build up of sensation needs to be slow and gentle if it is to be enjoyable.

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Will A Hood Piercing Increase Pleasure?

December 31, 2009

The jury is still out on that question, some women will say it makes a difference in a positive aspect and some say it causes negative effects such as numbness in the hood and in the clitoris.
Others say that there is no effect at all.
There are no clinical studies on this so it’s really [...]

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